Expert view: Getting fit for purpose

As the UK is pulling itself out of the recession we are seeing some positive moves regarding employment, skills and expansion.

Sian-Wilson-Head-of-Business-Development-Training-2000By Sian Wilson, head of business development, Training 2000.

The construction sector for example has smashed forecasts by growing at its fastest rate since the financial crisis began and is currently at a six year high.

With these positive outlooks it is important for businesses look at themselves and reflect if it is now fit for purpose- what was scaled back or expanded in the recession may need a re-think to ensure that the business is agile enough to take on its next challenge.

Part of this is organisational design and it is an often forgotten part of business strategy that is left too late- is your business for instance resourced appropriately if you win a new contract or if your customer changes an order?

Through business strategy building for the next 5 years you can see where you want to take your business but the key is to have a business that is flexible enough to change and move with whatever is thrown at it.

Organisational design focuses your business on key areas to ensure you have the right skills, capabilities and processes to operate successfully. A fresh pair of eyes looking and understanding your business needs can work wonders and give you options and structure that may not have been thought of internally. Take a leap towards success but with a strong plan behind you so those opportunities are confidently caught with both hands.