Expert view: Easing the IT buying headache

Mark Hope, director of IT support provider StoneHouse Logic, offers advice on what to look for when switching IT providers.

Like most things in life it’s not just about the price tag, we make buying decisions based on many different factors, and at StoneHouse Logic we understand that the decision for a company to change provider is a big one. Here are few things we think you should consider:-


• Does the company hold the highest technical accreditations available – in terms of network support the Microsoft Gold Accreditation is the highest standard, meaning that the companies staff are constantly upgrading their accreditations and working at the highest level. Sage have a range of partners – with Strategic Partner being the highest level.

• Are they local enough to your business to provide the speed of response you require. We know that a lot of issues can be resolved remotely, but there will always be times when you will need an engineer on site – and is your provider willing and able to provide that service.

• Trusting a company to have administrator level access to your I.T. infrastructure can be compared to letting someone have the keys to your house. Make sure to look for someone you can trust to this level, ask for customer references and consider talking to other local companies you know who have long term trusted relationships with their IT partner. • Can your provider offer the latest technology to help your business keep abreast of developments. These technologies really can help make your business more profitable, so why wouldn’t you want to consider them for your business.