Expert view: Don't drop a dress size, drop a desk size

Bevlan's Bev Mercer gives her top tips on getting a better fit for your office.

Bev Mercer BevlanToday’s emphasis is on being slimmer, slicker and more efficient; and this philosophy has now extended into our workplace. No longer do we need large desks to hold big PCs and gone are the days where we need to stack papers and files sky high. We are now moving towards a paperless environment and searching for more effective ways of working.

At Bevlan Office Interiors we really do look at space differently. We’ve 30 years of experience to inform and guide us and we are armed with imaginative and practical solutions to create the perfect workspace ensuring that you get the most out of the space and your team. So here are our top tips:

1.  Technological innovation through the introduction of flat screen monitors, laptops, tablets and tablets means that we no longer need deeper desk tops. Desks are now more multi functional, narrower and smaller whilst still enabling staff to work quickly and efficiently. This increases the available floor space and works particularly well in call centre environments.

2.  Bench desking is a fantastic way to reduce space, with internal legs set back and not dictating a dedicated workspace. The ability to have several employees working at the same desk area is a great way to save on floorspace.

3.  Office pods are a great way to create a private meeting room within a large area. These free-standing pods allow complete privacy and can be designed to your personal requirements. So even as your business changes the pod is ready to move (or grow) with you.

4.  The latest designs in flip-top tables and folding chairs are less traditional. They can help create that 'wow factor' in any area and can be built and designed in a multitude of configurations. They are designed to pivot through 90 degrees for easy storage or movement during relocation from room to room.