Expert view: Dispelling the green energy myths

Environmental expert Eco Solartech sorts fact from fiction where green energy is concerned.
Fossil fuels are the status quo, and as a nation we often resist change. It’s for this reason that there are a lot of myths and scaremongering when it comes to renewable energy and installations. Let’s separate fact from fiction, and get straight to the point of why we need to curve our dependency on traditional energy sources.Myth 1 - Renewables could never produce enough power for our needs: A blueprint for meeting global energy needs was produced by Ecofys, an energy consulting firm, and it showed 100 per cent of our power could be produced by renewable sources.

Myth 2 - A green energy focus will damage the economy: With the same investment, renewables would produce the same amount of energy as nuclear. Just the offshore energy industry alone could generate 145,000 jobs and £28bn in tax revenue.

Myth 3 – The green sector is only successful on the back of government subsidies: The International Institute for Sustainable Development estimate global subsidies to fossil fuels at $400bn a year, renewables get just $27bn.

So, there you have it, renewables make economic sense. Not only that, but they’ll also secure the future of our planet. That’s fairly important too!

Biomass brilliance – get a demo!

We’ve invested in a biomass boiler at our Altham Business Park site. It’s a green, sustainable alternative to an electric or gas boiler, as well as having a considerable operating cost advantage over them too. We’re benefitting as a business from reduced energy costs and index-linked incentives, but we’re also looking to spread the word on the beauty of biomass.

Contact us so you can pop into the office and we’ll let you see how biomass can work for you.

Mathew Pickup Eco Solartech Ltd