Expert advice: Web Q+A with Leon

Door4 managing director Leon Calverley answerers questions about improving the performance of your website.

Leon CalverleyQ: Should I invest in Google Adwords or SEO?

A: PPC/paid search (Google Adwords, etc) provides a fast, measurable return on your advertising budget.

Organic SEO can take months to reap the rewards, and is harder to measure – but delivers more enduring results, when it works well.

For new websites, there should be focus on both if visitors are important. For established websites, consider how important it is to have more than one listing on the front page of Google – perhaps running both concurrently would help.

Q: What’s more important – web design or SEO?

A: We usually include “web design” in the field of “user experience design (UX)” – that is, ensuring that the visitor has a positive experience, and can accomplish their goal. Just as in a real shop or office, it’s vital that a visitor is cared for, and can leave with what they came for.

Companies that take marketing seriously focus heavily on “UX”, as that it is what brings people back for a second time. SEO is important to drive those visitors for the first time, but a poor experience will quickly diminish the value of any SEO.

Q: How do I reduce my Bounce Rate?

A: Bounce rate (how many visitors leave after seeing only one page) tells many tales. A high bounce rate suggests visitors arrive, and aren’t interested in passing page 1. It can, however, mean that many visitors came for information that they found on the homepage (eg a phone number).

One tip to minimise bounce rate: ensure that the homepage/landing page contains clear graphic signposts to interesting and relevant content – don’t rely on your navigation bar, and avoid large text-heavy homepages.

Q: Give me something interesting to look at, Leon!

A: Many people are amazed to see Google Analytics’ real-time dashboard. This shows you how many people are on your website right now, and which pages they are looking at. We use it all the time, and it’s always fascinating to see the real-time impact of social and email activity.

(Look for Real Time in the Google Analytics dashboard, or call me and I’ll help you to find it!)

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Companies that take marketing seriously focus heavily on User Experience, as that is what drives repeat business. Leon Calverley Managing Director Door 4