Expert advice: Spring driving tips

Spring may have sprung but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods when it comes to staying safe the roads – there are still plenty of ways you can find yourself in a fix amid brighter mornings and milder weather.

Tom Preston HippoBy Tom Preston, Hippo Motor Group. Look after yourself and your vehicle with these timely tips…
  • Slippery slopes – spring showers are a given, especially in the North West – and certain parts of the country are always more prone to flooding. Wet roads dampen stopping times and puddles erode tyre traction, so always go steady in rainy conditions and check your tyre pressure before you set off.
  • Pedal power – more cyclists will be dusting off their bikes and making the most of lighter mornings at this time of year, so keep your eyes peeled and respect your fellow travellers to avoid accidents.
  • All hail the spring – snow should hopefully be out of the picture as we head towards summer, but the occasional hailstorm can creep in throughout spring. Check lights are fully functional and replace old windscreen wiper blades to make sure you can see clearly through the storm.
  • Animal tragic – it’s not just your morning commute, our four legged friends could also be emerging from hibernation and setting out on their travels on early spring mornings and towards nightfall. Watch out for them to prevent accidents (not to mention nasty damage to your car).