Expert advice: PR - the whole picture

When you think of PR, do you think ‘press relations’? Actually, media relations is only part of the picture.

Amanda Jackson TigerfishBy Amanda Jackson, managing director, Tigerfish Public Relations.

PR stands for public relations, which is all about reputation. What you do, what you say, and what others say about you.

So of course, PR involves everyone in the business. It’s about answering the phone well, dealing with customers well, having a product that does what it should, as well as spreading the word through the media and recommendation.

A good way to look at PR is to split it into four sections: owned, earned, paid and shared.

Owned: are the areas you can influence directly. Your website, your shop front, your literature, your blog, your customer service, your social media sites.

Earned: is what some think of as more ‘traditional’ PR - ie, someone saying something positive about you. But you can’t make them - it has to be earned, whether that’s media coverage or a good review.

Paid: This section includes sponsorship, say of your local team or of an industry event; an exhibition or a competition.

Shared: This included videos, ‘how to’ guides, funny clips, erudite comments or infographics. Things which people will want to share, because it reflects well on them. Now, what are you doing about PR in your business?