Expert advice: Leasing vehicles

The Hippo Motor Group explains why leasing a vehicle may be a better option than buying.

hippo-2Fixed monthly payments

Car leasing takes into consideration the vehicle's value at the end when you hand it back, meaning that your monthly payments are lower each month.

New car every three years

With car leasing you have the option of changing your vehicle every 36 months. Once the majority of your initial agreement is completed you can hand back your current car and swap for a newer model.

Get a better vehicle

If you're buying a vehicle outright you need to be stuck inside the budget that gets you a lower spec vehicle; with leasing you are more likely to be able to afford a better vehicle for your budget.

No hassle selling a vehicle

Once you are ready to swap your vehicle you don't need to bother with the pain of getting your vehicle ready to sell which saves time and money.

Lower initial payment When you're buying a car you're likely to be asked for a large lump sum as a deposit, when you're leasing you can often opt for no deposit or a small deposit to get your vehicle secured.