Expansions to the fleet - Our new urban P-cabs

Here at Fagan & Whalley, we remain committed to delivering the best possible level of service. As a result, a focus on development and innovation forms a core part of our ethos, and we make every effort to regularly and continually review our operations, making improvements where necessary to ensure our business is always running as efficiently and safely as possible. 

With our towns and cities getting gradually busier, and the type of vehicles on our roads forever changing, ensuring the safety of our drivers and fellow road users is one of our core priorities. That’s why we were pleased to make the investment in two new Scania P-cabs, which are now out on the roads completing daytime and nighttime deliveries. 

“We chose to invest in these new Scania P-cabs as they have been given a three-star safety rating by the Direct Vision Standard,” explains F&W operations strategy director, Daniel Wood. “The Direct Vision Standard, or DVS, provides a safety rating for all HGVs based on the driver’s range of visibility when in the cab. Three stars is an excellent rating, and both cab will provide a better safety function by increasing the driver’s visibility and administering additional warning signals to pedestrians and cyclists.

“Operating out of our Frontier Park depot, the new vehicles will be running on a near-24-hour schedule, used to complete local collections and deliveries during the day and then handed over to a nighttime driver for the evening shift, and they’ll be running on this shift pattern Monday to Friday. 

“This investment comes as part of our ongoing fleet replacement policy, which we set into place in an effort to ensure the efficient management and functioning of our fleet. Additionally, we place a huge emphasis on valuing and investing in our people, which is one of the reasons why we continue to make significant investments into the latest technologies and equipment. With this latest purchase, we’re pleased to invest in our day drivers by providing them with the best equipment currently available on the market.”