Enterprise IT support for property manager

CBRE is the world’s leading commercial property manager, with more than 300 offices in 50 countries around the globe, 140 of those in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Its property and asset management division supports over 1,000 properties and a robust, efficient, cost-effective IT infrastructure and support service is critically important.


The challenge:
  • Managing and supporting a rapidly changing user base
  • Providing enterprise class IT services to remote users
The technology Solution:

A flexible and robust managed services solution

The business benefits:
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Greener building compliance
  • Increased infrastructure security


CBRE is the leading commercial property management provider in the UK and globally. It has more consultants advising more customers than any other property firm and over 300 offices in more than 50 countries.

One of CBRE’s divisions is property and asset management – supporting over 1,000 different properties. This is where Modern Networks comes in – supporting and servicing the critical ITC infrastructure for those properties that need it.

In a business where laws and other industry standards are increasingly complex, CBRE Property and Asset Management must maintain an infrastructure which allows the organisation to undertake services with strict compliance and unswerving integrity.


The property and asset management industry has become increasingly competitive over recent years and companies in the field have seen rapid change and consolidation. In this dynamic environment, managing and supporting its rapidly changing user base presented the internal IT department of CBRE’s Property and Asset Management division with a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

The requirement was to provide enterprise class IT services to the division’s remotely located sites, so the management team could work reliably, efficiently and effectively in this highly competitive market. To achieve that, CBRE needed to provide and maintain a robust and reliable infrastructure, whilst controlling the associated costs.


Modern Networks collaborated with CBRE’s team to provide a unique solution, which was designed, delivered and tailored to meet the organisation’s specific requirements.

“Drawing on our vast experience in this sector, we have produced a distinct managed service offering for the property management industry” said Matthew Reeve, CEO at Modern Networks. “Modern Networks is able to deploy services within a flexible framework, with client costs covered through on-going operational expenditure rather than funding capital projects.”

Alongside a tailored service desk and a fully managed service contract, Modern Networks has delivered fixed and mobile communications, the full complement of Microsoft core products and bespoke IT solutions, tailored to the individual needs of each remote site. THE BENEFITS

  • Reduced call charges – 20 per cent cost reduction
  • Reduced processing costs – over 32 per cent increase of ROI
  • Greener building compliance – 60 per cent energy bill reduction
  • Better quality of IT services – 80 per cent of queries resolved remotely at first point of contact and site visits within four hours of an emergency
  • Monitoring and alerting service – leaves CBRE team to focus on core business tasks