Engineers increase knowledge with metal detection training

Staying ahead of industry requirements is a priority for Blackburn-based traceability firm whose senior technical and service engineers have undertaken training on metal detection systems to enhance their knowledge and skills for supporting food manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.

With contamination in food being a big risk for food manufacturers, it’s important that an auditable system of preventative measures is in place to avoid product recalls, loss of sales and potential reputational damage. 

In 2018, 2331 incidents including allergens, heavy metals, and foreign bodies were reported to the UK Food Standards Agency which has increased significantly compared to 1567 reported incidents in 2014.

Stevens Traceability Systems, experts in traceability software and weighing equipment, have been working with the food industry for over a century. Its service division carries out repairs, servicing and calibration testing to process equipment including scales, checkweighers, and metal detection systems which is a legislative requirement for food manufacturers.

David Astridge, operations manager, said: “We pride ourselves in the professionalism of our engineers who undergo rigorous training, both in-house and externally to ensure they are fully qualified in today’s industries.

"Metal detection systems are an imperative asset for many of our food manufacturing customers, so this training has helped to ensure that we can assist our customers with all their servicing and calibration needs.”