Energy strategy: The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

For Lancashire’s nuclear sector, finally a commitment to new nuclear power provision for the UK.

We can’t get to net zero in the next three decades and produce enough hydrogen for the green transition without it, and this could safeguard our nuclear fuels excellence, and the skills base in the county manufacturing fuels and all manner of components in the nuclear supply chain, including Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

But only if the government backs up this commitment and fast.

Boris and crew must execute at pace, no more procrastination or rowing back on promises.

The Bad

Disappointing to see the lukewarm approach to onshore wind - shying away from such a significant source of low carbon energy at this moment demonstrates a lack of commitment to real energy transition.

The only way to build capacity is to adopt a multi-modal method of energy supply to embrace a broad combination of energy sources, especially those already an established part of our supply network.

The Ugly

Appalling that at this time of rocketing energy prices, crucifying our businesses’ ability to thrive and even survive, there was no mention of energy efficiency or support for energy use reduction plans for businesses, home owners, new builds and retrofitting across the UK.

The first step in any energy security, energy supply or energy transition HAS to be reduce the amount we use and will need to use into the future.

And one more thing - provide a real golden goose – give our businesses a soundly licensed green finance system - enable our householders and small businesses to take up energy saving technologies NOW and reduce their spiralling energy costs.