Energy evolving

I’m sure everybody reading this feels the ongoing transformation that evolving technology has on our lives. Yet the tech revolution has only just begun and we are starting to see what the future looks like.

Energy is one of the last sectors to transform, operating on a basis designed in the early part of the 20th century. Areas of innovation such as renewable generation, storage and electric vehicles threaten to overwhelm the old basis of energy delivery.

Smart meters and in-home displays are being offered to all consumers in the UK, at first to help develop an understanding of energy, then to combine with connected devices for simpler energy control by users. Over time the meter and its communications will connect and measure the various ways in which we produce, exchange, store, export and optimise our energy use.

Maybe we will all produce energy, share it, switch suppliers automatically and minimise our bills. But there is a new, evolving risk, which is that the most technologically literate people, with time and money may receive the most benefit. There are many people who are disengaged, distrustful, busy, vulnerable, ill, fearful or lacking funds who could tune out for rational reasons.

The risk is that the most technologically literate people, with time and money may receive the most benefit.

Innovators are simplifying the technology user experience, so that trusted service providers can optimise energy for everybody ensuring we can all afford to live well and in comfort. The internet, energy and transport are converging and as complexity emerges, the control of energy must be simpler so that everyone benefits. That’s why our focus at Utiligroup is to make utilities smarter for everyone.

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