Empine registers 50 per cent annual growth


Darwen-based print specialist Empine has recorded a 50 per cent increase in sales, cementing five consecutive years of growth.

Empine was launched by Jacob Knowles, 27, and Anthony Taylor, 29, in 2016. The company has gone on to work with more than 600 businesses across the UK including household brands such as Missguided, KPMG and Fareshare.

Empine recently launched a ‘bespoke-to-client’ Web2Print platform, won a tender for a national charity and has seen packaging it produced on the shelves of some of the largest retailers in the UK.

Jacob said: "Following two years of not really knowing what was around the corner and having to stagnate growth plans, to an extent, this year has shown how much we are able to adapt and the value of having that ability.

"Customer behaviours changed but this brought opportunity and we were quick to realise that. We put the growth down to focusing on our customer’s objectives, diversifying into complementary product markets and the main one in my opinion is really understanding who we add value to and why.

"The next step for us is what we are calling in the office ‘Growing Up’, we understand the value we are creating for businesses and we know the level of businesses we want to work with and we need to communicate that better ourselves and show people what is possible with print, without losing who we are and what our values are."