Embrace SMS Text Marketing

Paul Herrington, director of Momark Ltd, Lytham, says that businesses which do not embrace mobile phone marketing through SMS text campaigns are missing a powerful tool for driving sales, while also losing ground to their competitors.

When you leave your house in the morning what do you always check you have with you? Your keys, wallet, purse and of course your mobile phone!

We all take them for granted but 92% of UK adults own a mobile phone (Ofcom Q1 2012), we take them everywhere and even more alarming we check our mobile phones on average every 6 minutes!

Although everybody has a mobile, very few businesses actually choose to market their business through SMS text.

But what about email marketing and social media, I hear you all cry.

Interestingly, 84% of Facebook news feed stories are not viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and an amazing 88% of emails go unopene; but on average 98% of texts are opened!

For businesses to prosper and compete in these challenging times they must connect in the way their customers and prospective customers want, while offering information about their product in a format the end user wants to receive it.

Although social media, email marketing, printed advertising and directories work to varying degrees, SMS text marketing should not be ignored.

The end user likes to receive offers and discounts from their favourite store or service provider: it makes them feel appreciated and it nurtures customer loyalty.