EG Group to open 150 Cinnabon bakeries in the UK

EG Group has agreed a deal to bring the iconic Cinnabon brand to the UK, with the main bakery based in Blackburn.

The company will open 150 outlets across the UK, starting in January. The freshly made dough will be produced at a central kitchen in Frontier Park, Blackburn, and distributed daily to Cinnabon stores within EG Group locations.

The dough will then be hand-rolled and baked in store. The production facility will support up to 50 stores with daily deliveries of fresh dough. EG Group plans to open 150 stores over the next 5 years across the UK, creating up to 2,000 jobs nationwide.

Mohammed Tayab, EG Group’s Food & Beverage Director for Europe, said: "Cinnabon is a well-recognised and enjoyed brand. We are delighted to be able to serve our UK customers with delicious, freshly baked products when they want to treat themselves. EG Group has once again partnered with another global brand, bringing the ultimate convenience to customers."

Sean Wooden, vice president and managing director at Focus Brands EUMEA, added: "We are delighted to be returning to the UK to deliver our Cinnabon product to our UK fans.  

"Focus Brands International has been working closely with the team at EG Group to be able to deliver the world’s most famous cinnamon roll and provide a moment of sweet escape for UK residents and travellers."