Education unlocked at Accross

New 24+ Advanced Learning Loans, backed by the government, promise to help boost the skills levels of thousands across Pennine Lancashire.

The loans are set to make a huge impact due to the fact that students would only pay them back after they earn £21,000 per year or more.

Claire Jarvis, director of finance for Accrington & Rossendale College said: “We have catchment areas where there are traditionally low wages and there is no doubt that these loans will open up advanced level education to lots of people and help to raise their aspirations. These loans offer a fantastic opportunity to people who want to improve their skills and qualifications and make themselves more employable and promotable.

“In a practical sense, we will have students in 2013 who could not have studied with us had it not been for the 24+ advanced learning loans and we are doing everything we can to get the message out to the people who will benefit most from them that there is no longer a financial barrier to advanced level courses.”