EDF extends deal with Westinghouse

EDF’s decision to continue energy production at Hinkley Point B in Somerset, and Hunterston B in North Ayrshire is good news for Preston’s Westinghouse, which supplies the fuel.

Extending the run of two of its advanced gas cooled reactors, which use fuel produced by Westinghouse’s Springfield factory at Salwick, also prolongs the agreement the two companies signed and will see them work together until 2023.

Springfields provides all the fuel for the nation’s seven AGR power stations which also include Heysham 1, Heysham 2, Hartlepool, Dungeness B, and Torness.

Springfields’ Alan Beauchamp said: “As the manufacturer of fuel for Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors, we are naturally pleased the lifetimes of Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B have been extended to 2023.

“We have a healthy order book for our products and services in the short to medium term and this announcement further strengthens our business plan going forward.

“However, our focus remains to transform our business to ensure we are competitive and to provide ourselves with the best opportunity to win future business with other customers and product areas.”