Easy ways to drive traffic to your website

Lisa ThompsonEveryone understands the importance of having a web presence, but building a site without promoting it is like having a leaflet designed and printed and then doing nothing with it except leaving it in your front office/shop.

It doesn’t need to cost much time or money to significantly increase the number of people who see your site.

Have a look at these for a few tips to start with:

• Incorporate your website address on all your stationery, business cards, letterheads, compliments slips, and printed envelopes. Include it in all your press and other advertising, including radio if applicable.

• Have a corporate email address, not a Hotmail, BT or AOL one. The end of your email address gets people used to your website.

• Use the message on your answer phone, both landline and mobile, to advise people of your website address where they can find out more information on what you have to offer, this is a point where a lot of companies lose business as many people do not like leaving messages and personal details.

• One of the best places to display your website address is in your shop window; there are a multitude of firms in most areas who can provide you with pre-cut stick-on letters. Make it as large as possible.

• When finishing a call with a client always remind them they can get further information on your products and services and opening times on your website and give them the address.

• Google Business Maps is free and all businesses should be on there with a link and as much detail as you can fit in. Your web designer should do this but you can do it yourself if they have not and you do not need to be technical.

• Update your site, have a news section so that you can advertise offers and special events, interest keeps people returning.

If you follow this advice you should generate extra traffic to your site. Remember to think of your website as an additional branch open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and with no overtime bills and no sick or holiday pay.

Lisa Thompson, business development director, Internet Solutions Services Limited.