Dynamax unveils advanced signage product

Dynamax has launched its flexible new digital signage solution, consisting of a media player that draws information from the cloud.

The package, based on the Android operating system, allows companies to display content and news  on screens at a fraction of the cost of traditional signage systems.

The software allows users to beam the right message at the right time to the right place via interconnected screens powered by media players.

The new solution does not impose any limitations in terms of content management flexibility as the user is still able to schedule and publish their media files (images, videos or web pages) just as before.

The user can choose to send the same information to all the screens or different information to different screens based on criteria such as time of the day, day of the week and location. A forthcoming version of the digitalsignage.NET Android solution will support layouts which involve the possibility of displaying complementary information simultaneously on the same screen.

Making the technology more cost-effective and easier to install than before, Dynamax aims at enabling companies large and small to embrace 'location-based communications' and reach their target audience. Howard Smith, founding director of Dynamax said: ‘’This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective digital signage solution we have offered our clients so far, a hassle-free system that suits the needs of any user and further simplifies the set-up process. We believe in the power of targeted communications and aim to help companies to complement or replace their printed posters with a system that is greener, more sustainable and cheaper on the long run.’’