Dynamax launches a new webinar on its location-based digital media application

Dynamax Technologies has launched its new webinar featuring the HTML5 version of digitalsignage.NET, the company’s cloud- based digital signage software.

Scheduled for the end of March and available on-demand, it will offer registrants the possibility to try out the technology at their own pace as each of those willing to test the product, will be given their own account.

Since the launch of the product in 2010, the company has been advocating the benefits of simple-to-use digital signage solutions. This webinar is intended to demonstrate the user-friendliness of digitalsignage.NET which allows its users to manage their media files and digital information displays remotely, straight from their web browser.

The webinar will show registrants how to use the different widgets available in digitalsignage.NET (weather, clock, Twitter, Flickr etc.) to display live data on their screens, how to schedule and publish their content, monitor their screens, and display complementary information simultaneously by using layouts.

Dynamax is encouraging all individuals from private and public organisations belonging to sectors such as hospitality, education, retail or healthcare to register. The webinar will teach them how to use the system to give their communications more relevance in a cost-effective manner.

AV professionals, creatives and marketers are also invited to attend and discover the product’s potential for their customers’ marketing strategy. To sign up for the webinar:  http://www.digitalsignage.net/webinar/