Dynamax expands Merseyrail digital signage network

Merseyrail’s chain of convenience stores, MtoGo, is now using Dynamax’s digitalsignage.NET software to run digital displays for ticket promotions, shop offers and general information in order to enhance passenger journey experience.

The main aim of the digital signage network, provided by Blackburn-based Dynamax Technologies, is to increase brand awareness through displaying the promotions and offers to customers.

Merseyrail already has the cloud-based software in use for internal communications, displaying the dashboard and KPI targets. The company will now be expanding the digital signage screens to around 7 other sites across the greater Liverpool area.

Thomas Philip, business analyst at Merseyrail, commented on digitalsignage.NET: “This is a simple solution that can be easily deployed. It can be accessed from anywhere if you have an internet connection. The scheduler functionality is very good and the product is cost effective.”

Making passengers aware of the MtoGo is important as it is a significant component of the end of journey experience for rail users. The digital screens provide a more noticeable source for shop offers and information compared to the static signage in place before. The Samsung commercial screens are 32” landscape back to back, one faces the underground and one faces the shop.