Dugdale Nutrition invests £1m in expansion

Farm animal feed company Dugdale Nutrition has made a £1m investment in a purpose-built feed blending unit.

Dugdale Nurition Blend PlantThe new facility, which has a capacity in excess of 50,000 tonnes of blend per year, has been built alongside the company’s existing mill and headquarters at Salthill, Clitheroe. The unit, which is 72m long and 48m wide, includes 17, 100 tonne capacity bulk raw material bays and eight bays for finished blends.

Managing director Matthew Dugdale said: “At a time when the animal feed sector is consolidating with three independent compounders being taken over in the last year alone, this is a significant investment from the shareholders of Dugdale Nutrition showing their long-term commitment to supplying the ruminant sector.

“This is based on the belief that the future for dairy, beef and lamb is positive and we believe that as a 100 per cent independent family owned business we are perfectly positioned to adapt to the changing needs of our customers in the years to come.

"This facility will allow the business to continue its recent expansion whilst staying true its roots of openness, high quality products and aiming to deliver exceptional customer service.”

Commercial manager, Andy Galling said: “There is a large and increasing demand from farmers for both proprietary and bespoke blends which the new unit will help meet. It is very much a state of the art facility able to produce and handle blends with great accuracy including the inclusion of a wide range of nutrition enhancing micro-nutrients.

“Our mill currently produces compound feeds, plus ground meals. The new blend shed will produce bespoke unground blends. While the majority of sales will be in bulk, the shed will also offer smaller amounts in one tonne tote bags and the option for farmers to collect blends if they wish.”

“Simply it means that we can become the one stop shop for farmers’ ruminant feed needs. Additionally all customers will benefit from the same high quality delivery service and administration we already provide our compound users.

“It will also increase the capacity for further compound feed tonnage since a proportion of meal production will transfer out of the mill into the new blend shed freeing up mill capacity. Additional short term raw material cover for the mill will come from the blend shed. The provision of a weigh bridge within the blend shed will also help traffic flow in and out of the premises. “It is expected that the blending shed will come into production by April and we are planning an open day and official opening in July.”