DreamBone website hounded with enquiries

Following the recent launch of its new DreamBone treat for dogs, pet food brand, Webbox, unveiled a dedicated new website which amassed more than 5,000 sample requests in just seven hours.

DreamBone, which is a healthier and extremely palatable alternative to rawhide bones, was exclusively launched by Webbox to the UK grocery market this summer and, as predicted, has been a hit with dog owners.

Tony Raeburn, chief executive at Webbox, said: “We wanted to give the product its own online presence to showcase the benefits. Within hours of going live, we’d taken more than 5,300 sample requests and the feedback has been phenomenal so we’re delighted with the outcome!” Independent Digestibility Studies show that the new DreamBone chews are over 99 per cent digestible. It is available to buy in Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, as well as online at Amazon and Ocado. The treats have a retail price from £2.49-£4.99 depending on availability, bone and pack size.