Downing Street reception marks Lancashire's philanthropy success

The Chancellor of the Exchequer hosted a VIP Reception at 11 Downing Street for the Community Foundation of Lancashire to mark the securing of £1.3million in charitable endowment funds.

Celebrities including Cilla Black and Coronation Street’s William Roache joined over 90 business leaders and other dignitaries at the Chancellor’s home. Guests were shown a film giving them an insight into Lancashire and the work of the Community Foundation before being addressed by its president Lord Shuttleworth, the Chancellor and Nigel Evans MP.

Chief Executive Cathy Elliot said: “Lancashire has a long history of philanthropy and the securing of £1.3m is testament to that culture of giving which continues today, despite the economic climate. We were honoured and delighted to have been able to showcase our achievements at 11 Downing Street. All the guests had close personal or professional links with the county. We were deeply moved by their support which we hope will translate into longer term relationships which will make a significant difference to the scope of work we can undertake in the future.”

As Lancashire’s Philanthropy Centre, the Community Foundation will invest endowment monies with Rensberg Sheppherds Investment Management. The interest will then be used to deliver grants to the voluntary groups and community groups that need it most across Lancashire now and for generations to come. Projects aimed at tackling social issues in the parts of Lancashire that are deprived will be prioritised as well disadvantaged and minority groups which need support.

The Community Foundation is now working towards raising £100,000 for its new Women’s Fund in addition to further general funds which will be dedicated to providing desperately needed services and support to benefit communities in Lancashire.