Does size really matter?

As a team of 7, we are generally considered a “small” studio, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be influential in such a large design industry pond!

In the design arena, size doesn’t always equal success, in fact being a smaller creative studio has worked to our advantage.

In a recent survey performed by RSW/US, It was discovered that more marketers now use 2+ agencies to support their business needs. The “2017 New Year Outlook Survey” found that 69.6% of marketers work with 2 or more agencies to support their business, with 12.1% working with 5+ agencies.

This essentially gives studios like ours the upper hand, because we have a greater opportunity to offer our specialised expertise to bigger clients whilst providing them with a strong relationship which may go beyond that which a larger agency can offer.

It’s paramount to state that we are absolutely not saying that there is anything wrong with larger agencies. The full service offering may well still have a place, just maybe not as much as 5 years ago. We are simply pointing out the valuable differences and how a studio like ours will add value to your business. 

The “What Clients Think 2017 Report” by Up to the light, discussed the top 3 concerns businesses have when selecting a larger agency:

  • Their approach is less flexible 
  • Will they really care?
  • Will they keep surprising me? 
The report discussed how businesses felt like there might be something a touch more formulaic and predictable versus the smaller agency.

So how does a studio like Single Malt work with major organisations?

Due to our size, people are often shocked when they find out who we work with. Our clients include major organisations such as Channel 4, Manchester Airports Group, Beijing Construction and the Lake District National Park Authority. A list any large agency would be proud of!

We think big! We’re passionate about building a relationship with every single one of our clients and helping them achieve their goals. This is what makes a studio like ours so special. 

More and more, large organisations are wanting to work with courageous small studios like ours, because they want to be cared about, they want real relationships and most of all they want to work with people that will be truly invested in their brand. 

Our head office is located in a stunning part of the North West, Kirkby Lonsdale. We love working here and we strongly believe (and continue to prove!) that you don’t have to be located in the big cities to be successful.

Our clients also love it here, we have mountains on our doorstep and cows in our back garden, what’s not to love? Also, with the beautiful scenery and no city traffic to deal with, the drive to our office is a breeze, that is unless you get stuck behind a tractor!

Overall, our countryside location has never stopped us from gaining great clients or great team members! 

In terms of our team, we are a very tight-knit, skilled and knowledgeable bunch! With only being a small squad, we can’t afford to have any fall behind, hence why our studio is made up of only the most talented individuals. Whatever a client throws at us, we make it work.

We have the courage, resources and skill set within the team to pull off the most challenging of projects. For example, this summer we worked on branding Channel 4’s biggest event of the year, read more about this project here.

Our talent has been accredited with multiple awards, including the Red Rose Creative Agency of the Year 2018. Not only do our team win awards, we help our clients win awards too! Our passion, courage and ability to think big and think differently is the reason for our success so far and how we create success for our clients. 

As a studio we are able to generate authentic relationships with all clients, making them feel valued and important. Getting to know them and their goals is important to us so that we are able to create purposeful design that generates results. 

If you want to work with a courageous design studio and a team who really care then get in touch here.

Photos by Will Johnston Photography