Do you know how satisfied your staff are?

Finding this out can help you improve staff retention, identify training needs, identify ways to boost morale, motivation and much more.

So why don’t all companies ask their staff how satisfied they are?

From our own research, it has become clear there are three main reasons why companies don’t run staff satisfaction surveys.

1. They are perceived to be expensive.
2. It is seen to be a difficult task that nobody wants to be responsible for
3. HR managers have tried in the past to run a staff survey but found the process complicated therefore swept the results under the carpet…

It does not need to be a costly headache!

At Scancapture, we’re on a mission.

It is time businesses in Lancashire take charge of their staff satisfaction levels and the starting point is to find out what employees think.

For example, our “Have Your Say” survey is an extremely simple way to monitor staff satisfaction and allows you to benchmark against other Lancashire businesses.

The best thing is that it costs just £1 per employee for comprehensive research including a full analysis of the results.

We can survey the whole company or just a department or site – simple and flexible.

Business leaders are often surprised by the findings.

Common issues include pay, complaints about favouritism, over management and office cleanliness. The results are always an eye opener!

Staff surveys are important for Investors in People accreditation and governing bodies often insist there is a way to assess staff welfare so our Have Your Say surveys tick lots of boxes.

Scancapture has processed over half a million staff satisfaction surveys and we’re frequently turned to as the experts in the field.

I often ask business leaders if at just £1 per employee, can they afford not to ask for staff feedback?

We offer surveys for companies that want to do their own bespoke studies too which are also low cost and simple to manage.

I’m on a mission to stop excuses for not understanding staff satisfaction levels!

Steve Smith