Display Wizard helps new Lancashire business get off the ground

Display Wizard has donated a promotional banner to a local business to help it grow.

Display Wizard is a Lancashire-based supplier of display and exhibition stands and says the recent contribution was in line with its ongoing commitment to boost local trade by providing donations and discounts.

The most recent of these donations was to a new shop that opened on the 18th of October in Lancaster called ‘Fruits of the Lune’. This shop is unique to Lancaster as it sells only locally-produced arts and crafts and looks to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work.

Display Wizard was interested in this locally-rooted business and the ethical trading it supports, so donated an outdoor banner that hangs on the railings outside the shop.

For a new business like ‘Fruits of the Lune’ making passers-by aware of its presence is key.

Henry Davenport, the shop’s owner, said: “We are located on the busy one-way system that runs through Lancaster but - even though the traffic has been pretty bad recently - drivers don’t have that much time to stop and look at all the shop fronts. A promotional banner is far more visible from the road and has helped us to make a flying start with trade.”

Over the last few years there has been an increase in Lancashire-based business for Display Wizard, particularly with SMEs. Sally Hiscutt, owner of Display Wizard and experienced B2B marketer, said: “We have been impressed with the amount of new clients we have gained from the local area recently. We have found that during the recession many of the employees that were made redundant or have lost faith in employers have decided to form their own businesses. These new SMEs are now looking at ways to increase their brand’s visibility indoors and outdoors, so our promotional displays have helped many of these companies get off the ground.”