Director Barrie joins the Root Fifty-Two team

When director Kimberley set up Root Fifty-Two from home back in 2008, her husband, Barrie, joined her, supporting the growth and development of the business as an r52 director whilst balancing his role as an aftersales manager within the motor trade, which he successfully held for over 20 years. 

With the new year comes a new career for Barrie, as he leaves the automotive industry and joins us full-time in the office!

Whilst he has a wealth of experience in a very different industry, Barrie brings with him a huge amount of transferable skills (and humour!) to the role, and the whole team is really excited to have him on board!

“My role is largely geared towards facilitating business development and growth, so I’ll be getting involved in a lot of networking events and travelling around to get our name out there and really start spreading the word about what we do,” says Barrie.

“I really enjoy meeting new people, and the team here at r52 is so incredible – I think this new role will be one I’m well suited for!”

“Whilst I love getting involved with and overseeing a range of projects, my favourites are those where a client trusts our team to deliver a brand refresh, or to develop an entirely new brand and build it from the ground up.

"We have some very talented designers on board who really get to the heart of a company’s messaging and core values and work hard to translate that into visuals that marry up and look a million dollars. Equally, our in-house copywriter is great at creating or capturing a brand voice, and can generate engaging content that really shouts about a business, communicates who they are and sells their services.”

Just a few weeks into his new role, Barrie has been enjoying taking part in a number of local networking events and making connections with local business owners and independent traders, and he’s excited to see what the rest of 2022 will hold for r52!

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