Develop to deliver

Whilst the majority outsource this function, a growing number of businesses have identified they already have the people on hand to deliver staff development, with this talent often desirable and transferable to the wider market-place. When budgets are tight, training is often deemed as ‘non-essential expenditure’. This can be short sighted as training budgets can be translated into a valuable asset.

So how should a company embrace this opportunity? Firstly, identify the talent within your organisation. Whilst courses and coaching will provide the necessary technical skills required to deliver successful and effective training, strong personal and communication skills are essential soft skills that should be possessed by the individual from the outset.

Training these people to be the trainers is the next stage. By investing in key individuals to equip them with the appropriate teaching and learning approaches within your industry’s field, you can effectively generate and develop your own in-house training department that will evolve as your business grows.

Take this one stage further and generate additional revenue streams by exploiting your businesses enhanced skill set, by outsourcing your training services to support other businesses, becoming a centre of excellence for your industry.

At Holt Green Training we provide a range of bespoke and standard business focused training packages, including the nationally recognised Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) certificate.

Assessing your individual requirements, we tailor course material to suit your business needs - and of course those of the individuals.

Upon completion, course attendees will be able to plan, deliver, and evaluate their own teaching sessions that motivate learners, whilst incorporating different assessment methods to evaluate effectiveness.

Nicola Parr
Training manager, Holt Green Training