Demystifying the terminology

Unless you are part of a large organisation with a dedicated team responsible for the IT and communication systems used in the business, then terms such as Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, and VoIP will baffle and scare you!

In simple terms what do they mean?

1. Unified Communications ¬ An evolving communications technology architecture which automates and unifies all forms of human and device communications.

2. SIP Trunking ¬ the next level advancement to ISDN for making business phone calls, merging multiple offices onto one network, offering the option of a virtual local presence for overseas offices or for seasonal uplifts in voice capacity requirements.

3. VoIP ¬ stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Generic name for transmission of real-time two-way voice data over an IP network.

4. IP Network ¬ enables a packet of data to traverse multiple networks on the way to its final destination

5. Structured Cabling System ¬ the wiring specification for data or voice communications systems - (Cat5e and Cat6 fibre are the most commonly used cabling systems).

Cost savings, customer satisfaction, business growth and operating cost efficiencies are all achievable with the right business communication solutions.

We help to demystify the terminology and provide communication systems for you that have been created using your language, leaving us to worry about the correct terminology.

Carl Lowe
Microcare Systems