Debt collection service recovers over £500,000

A debt collection service launched by Lancashire-based Forbes Solicitors has recovered more than £500,000 of clients’ money in just 12 months.

The law firm says that in the 11 months since last April the service has recovered more than £452,000 and the figure for this month already stands at over £65,000.

Forbes Collect is a solicitor-led service that utilises cloud-based technology. That means they can check the progress of any given case at any time.

Forbes says that its bespoke systems and procedures ensure that debtors are kept under pressure to pay in full throughout the process, maximising the chances of recovering the money that is owed to its clients.

And it adds that most cases are taken on a “no recovery, no fee” basis. Janet Shackell, who heads the service, said: “We believe that the best way to run a debt recovery service is to link the fees we charge to our success in recovering your money.

“The fact that we have recovered more than £500,000 in 12 months shows the effectiveness of the service and the great work that has been done on the efficient collection of money owed to our clients.”

[caption id="attachment_102559" align="alignnone" width="403"]Janet Shackell Forbes debt agency head Janet Shackell of Forbes[/caption]

She added: “At Forbes, we understand that commercial debt recovery is a crucial service for many businesses when they face the on-going problems of unpaid invoices and aged debt which can create substantial cash flow issues for clients.

“Often, our debt recovery service is used to encourage slow payers to make payment sooner and we act as an integral part of our client’s credit control team and can provide a support that clients often do not have within their own businesses.

“Our solicitor led team at Forbes Collect are experts in commercial debt recovery. Having a specialist team that purely focuses on business debt recovery helps us to provide added value and excellent customer service.”

Forbes has 320 staff, including 45 partners and eight offices across the North of England. It has offices in Blackburn, Accrington, Central Lancashire, Preston and Chorley.