Debate 2017: A year of change and opportunity

every1A new year brings with it new challenges and opportunities for Lancashire businesses. We brought our panel to the Preston dockland offices of digital marketing agency Every1 and asked them what they think the next 12 months will bring.

Where do you want your organisation to be in 12 months’ time?

Kevin Duffy: We moved into Preston two years ago with a five-year vision. We’re ahead of where we wanted to be in terms of growing our market share in Lancashire and Cumbria.

I want us to carry on being ahead of our expectations, growing market share, bringing on board the right clients and recruiting the right people.

James Saunders: Over the last 12 months we’ve invested heavily in new websites to support our e-commerce business and have also been thinking about the service offer to our customers. I want to see the business moving away from that internal focus around building the infrastructure and the capability and actually now deliver growth.

Every1 debate

Brett Dennis: We made a decision about six months ago to develop a new business and marketing strategy. We’ve appointed a new management team and the key thing about that was retaining talent. We want to grow our reach so in the next 12 months we’re looking at about 50 per cent growth. It’s about going after the right sort of customers, so we can add value to them and they can add value to our agency as well. It’s about having the right portfolio. The other part of growth for us is focusing on core specialisms of; strategy, brand, web and digital marketing. Paul Foster: We’ve plans for new products in 2017. We’re hopeful our existing membership will take those up, increasing our retention, and they will also offer new reasons for people to join. I’m hopeful we’ll see increased membership and an increased profile as a result. Amongst our members there’s a mixed picture when it comes to the next 12 months. Some businesses are very, very positive. Others are waiting to see what happens in light of the EU referendum and deferring decisions. It doesn’t take a huge number of people to do that before the economy starts to slow, so that is a concern. We’re asking the government to offer some certainty to business.