Deadline for North West Green Hero Awards nears

The North West Green Hero Awards are now open for applications. The Awards are open to all businesses and organisations based in the North West of England, of any size or sector.

2014 sees the expansion of the annual Lancashire Business Environment Awards, which have been running successfully for the past 17 years.

Newground has taken over the management of the North West Green Hero Awards, giving an even more exciting opportunity than ever.

The categories are:

Energy Efficiency Award For companies that go beyond standard practice to radically reduce consumption and stimulate energy independence.

Waste Minimisation Award For companies that provide projects or products that are at the leading edge of approaches to waste and recycling.

Social Enterprise Award for Environmental Achievement For social enterprises that are leading the way to create a low carbon economy.

Environmental Innovation Award For companies that have developed an innovative product, process, technology or service that reduces environmental impacts and improves sustainability.

Community Contribution Award For companies that can demonstrate a positive impact on the local and wider community.

Sustainable Business Award For companies that can demonstrate a commitment to improving the sustainability of their business and have implemented a combination of economic, social and environmental improvements that enhance the overall sustainability of the business.

Combating Climate Change Award For companies that are taking practical steps to combat climate change, either through mitigation or adaptation, which have a beneficial environmental impact beyond the business or organisation itself. Steps might include a reduction in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, alongside wider workforce or supply chain initiatives.

Built Environment Award Awarded in recognition of developers, clients, architects and built environment professionals who are breaking new ground by integrating sustainability into their projects. There are two awards, one for projects costing more than £1m and one for projects costing less than £1m.

Environmental Champion Award For individuals or teams in recognition of their outstanding performance, for those who have worked especially hard to improve the environment.

The deadline for entries to the North West Green Hero Awards 2014 is 12th September 2014.