Day One is live - Understanding stress

Stress is inevitable in everyday life, but right now it’s affecting more of us than ever. With two-thirds of us more affected by boredom, stress and anxiety than we are worried about our general health we’re all in need of a little mental TLC.

Day one on our journey to beat stress in 7 days starts with helping you to understand stress. If you can learn some healthy stress management tips now, and master them, heading back to reality will be a breeze.

There are many reasons why you may be stressed at the moment such as our lack of contact with the outside world, too much contact with people in our household, attempting to homeschool the kids, fear of the unknown, job insecurity, illness or financial worries.

One of the biggest things in life that causes stress is change which helps to explain why so many of us are stressed at the same time. We had a massive moment of societal change that directly affected our lives, so on top of the other things that are causing us stress right now the expectation of future change is also adding to that. It’s so important that you learn to manage your stress now to help limits its affects in the future when the next big change happens.

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