Day 7 - Secrets to working from home stress free

40% say work is their biggest cause of stress and for many of us there’s now no escape as we’ve literally brought work home with us.

As many of us look at working from home for the weeks or months to come we’ve started to become more comfortable and with that comes some inevitable bad habits…

To help you get into a rhythm of healthy work behaviours and help limit that big cause of stress I’ve put together my top 7 tips minimise stress when working from home.

Working from home can be tough at the best of times there are distractions at home that there simply aren’t in the office. Many of others are combatting a full house, attempting to homeschool and managing the daily Amazon deliveries, it’s definitely adding stress to an already stressful situation. 

But one of the most dangerous areas for our mental health right now lies in the fact that we have brought that big cause of stress into our homes, our sanctuarY, our stress free environment… well our less stressful environment at least… And that’s why it’s important that we are managing our work stress, minimising the impact it has on our home and the disruption it has on our family, whilst still maintaining a good level of productivity. 

It’s going to help if you are on top of good working habits now and developing a healthy routine for the transition of the return to work over the next few months. And something employers should think about is looking after their employee’s mental health not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because when we return to work a happy workplace is key to a health and productive work force. Taking actions now to help with the situation is key, things like adjusting targets and expectations, providing home support and the equipment you need to work effectively. And now is the time to begin to consider an effective back to work plan. 

If this is something you’re worried about as an employer, both managing staff, their anxieties and the practicality of infection control within the workplace by all means reach out to me. As a doctor turned hypnotist with multiple published papers on infection prevention and control I’m in a rather unique position in the current crisis. Find out more by contacting Prescription Hypnosis directly.

But, right now there are two things you can do immediately… Firstly check you’re working from home in most effective way possible and eliminate bad habits by implementing the tips in my video about working from home. Secondly if you are concerned with anything, need extra support or are anxious about a return to work, talk to your employer they can only help you if you let them know what your worries and concerns are.

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