Day 4 - The Stress of Kids

And no, I’m not talking about the kids stressing you out… Kids are amazing at appearing ‘ok’ but with everything that’s going on they’re going to be feeling the stress too.

There are some simple telltale signs and behavioural changes you can look out for in your children and teenagers to let you know if they are stressed.

Parenting is tough at the best of times, let alone now when they are the only other humans we see constantly, we are busy trying to work from home and become makeshift teachers all at the same time. It’s stressful for us but it’s stressful for the kids too. More over children are sponges and if we are stressed they become more stressed too so it’s important we set a good example, have good stress management practices and help them learn good stress rituals that will benefit them.

Emotional hygiene is something that as a general public we’re not particularly good at talking about or teaching. We should talk with our children about how we are feeling and we should encourage them to talk back to us too, now more than ever. Helping your children express their feelings will help them deal with pent up frustration and make them overall less stressed. So make time just to chat with the little ones and the bigs ones too.

Keeping the kids engaged, in a routine and giving them goals and a sense of a achievement has become important to help our kids through the day and prevent them just festering, now is the time to spark up some creativity with them and not just locking ourselves away in our ‘home offices’.

To help I've put together the video along with some additional resources to help you talk with your children about coronavirus and to help you with homeschooling and getting creative. Find it all online -