Day 3 - Anxiety feeds anxiety

A survey last week revealed that, for at least half of us, lockdown has had a massive impact on our mental wellbeing and that number is climbing. 

As we look towards returning to work and some resemblance of normality it’s imperative we get on top of our anxiety so that it spiral out of control in the coming months.

There are many things right now that may be causing us to feel anxious, generalised stress as mentioned in the video, lack of social connection, fear of the virus, fear of the unknown, cabin fever, working from home, working in general and even homeschooling. And as we look to the future it’s easy to let our anxiety spiral with the thought of returning to work in groups, virus secondary spikes and even heading out to social locations for fear of infection.

So dealing with your anxiety head on it important. Don’t forget if you need support with anxiety you should reach out to your GP, the early you reach out the better. And even for people not currently suffering with anxiety should approach it with a preventive is better than curative mindset.

If you follow the simple tips in the video and more in-depth tips on the Prescription hypnosis websitre they will help you to take back control of your anxiety.