Dawn of a new digital era

Everyone reading this will have felt the impact of Covid-19. We’ve lost loved ones. It’s changed the way we live. It’s changed the way we work.

I’ve joined millions around the world who have turned their homes into offices; who have had to learn a new way of working and adapt to the challenges that brings.

No one will forget Covid-19. We’ll all need time to recover, to adapt to a new ‘normal’. But, in business, what will ‘normal’ be?

A new technological era dawned decades ago: many businesses embraced that and developed the technologies and communication methods that have served them well in these unprecedented times. For others, it’s been a stark reminder of how vulnerable business can be when the unexpected happens.

As business leaders, we’ve had to start communicating digitally – internally to our teams and externally to customers. These new technological skills and video conferencing platforms – whether Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangouts – are the foundations on which future business efficiency, productivity and prosperity are built.

As a business community, we have the opportunity to learn from each other and take a leap forward in our use of technology - whether that’s training more or travelling less.

I’m not the only one who wishes they could see into the future, see what business legacy Covid-19 leaves us. How do we confidently forecast what staff we’ll need? What new skills or resources? Will what we do now meet our customers’ needs in future?

As a business community, we have the opportunity to learn from each other

These are questions at the forefront of our minds at Themis. We’re thinking not just weeks or months ahead but years, to ensure every young person who has the passion and determination to start their career as a Themis Apprentice gets that opportunity.

We’re looking at how we can support businesses to adapt, by further enhancing our training programmes, to ensure we are supporting them the right way. We’re planning ahead in an uncertain world. We’re adapting, we’re becoming more and more agile – and that can only be good for Themis going forward.

One thing is for sure though. The business landscape will not be the same after Covid-19. There will be a new ‘normal’. It’ll be challenging. But as business leaders, we’re in this together. We’ll stand united, learn the lessons from Covid-19 and create a brave new world.

Let’s start the conversation. Contact me on n.burrows@burnley.ac.uk

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