David Coulthard interview: Mental toughness in Formula 1

Welcome back to the Workplace Evolution podcast. I hope you’ve recovered from that huge glass of wine with financial guru Alvin Hall during our last episode….now we must now make our way to the sunshine of Monaco to meet with Formula 1 Legend David Coulthard.

We explored how mental toughness supported key moments in his life and the setbacks he faced along the way. Having the reserve and strength to dig deep when the going gets tough is key to anyone’s ability to contend with life’s challenges.

This is an area that can be developed but asks big questions that you need to answer…whether you are a formula 1 driver or just at home right now with your feet up…

  • How much time have you spent identifying the challenges you are truly committed to…and are you clear on the sacrifices you are willing to endure?
  • Where are you spending energy, stress and time on areas that you could let go of and what specifically do you need to fight for going forward?
  • What is it that leads to your optimum state and lastly when you fail how will you bounceback? Will your inner voice shatter the valuable lessons learnt? Or will you identify the ways in which you can get back up again to keep your commitment?

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