CUBE HR welcomes Elliott Rawson

We're pleased to introduce the latest member of the CUBE HR team - Elliot!

Elliott is our new marketing/design assistant and has come to CUBE HR through the Kickstart programme, he'll be involved in a lot of the social media and design elements you’ll be seeing in the future.

Elliott graduated from a creative course at university recently and he says: "I’m excited to create things that you find pleasing to the eye. I’m constantly looking for the next creative project to sink my teeth into!

"When I’m not at work I’ll be playing games, listening to all sorts of music and learning a new skill here and there, I really enjoy learning something new!

"Working something creative was always something I wanted to do. Growing up I had no clue what to do though! I ended up going to university and doing a film production degree and I couldn’t have been happier with the experiences I had. The skills I learnt I have been able to apply to multiple jobs, including this one!

"Whenever I have a problem I need to overcome or feedback to give I always make sure there’s a solution in sight, if there’s some kind of goal to work towards everything ends up falling into place with some out of the box thinking!"

Please join us in saying welcome aboard Elliott.