Cuadrilla reveals shale gas contracts worth £3m

Energy firm Cuadrilla today announced contracts worth £3m are up for grabs in the first quarter of 2017 as its shale gas exploration work gets underway in rural Lancashire.

Cuadrilla logoAnd businesses across the county were being urged to engage with the company to exploit the potential of a developing local supply chain – and to keep as much of Cuadrilla’s spend as possible in Lancashire.

Francis Egan, chief executive of Cuadrilla, which has started exploration work on a site near Little Plumpton on the Fylde, said today: “This is a great opportunity for local businesses to engage directly with our shale gas exploration operations and ensure that millions of pounds of spend remains in the county supporting local jobs.”

The North and Western Lancashire and East Lancashire Chambers of Commerce, with the support of Cuadrilla, have also launched an upgraded Shale Gas Supply Chain portal.

Babs Murphy, chief executive of North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, said today: “We are pleased to have helped develop an online site which will be a true engagement tool for local businesses, providing an effective communication platform for Cuadrilla and the potential local supply chain.”

The chambers say the new supply chain portal will enable the local supply chain to register their interest in the Shale Gas industry, specifying their areas of expertise and qualifications.

The site will also keep businesses up to date with the latest developments with the exploration programme and the quality and safety standards required.

Business opportunities and invitations to tender will also be updated on a regular basis.

To date more than 700 companies are registered on the current supply chain portal since its launch almost two years ago.

However, to update registration to the database and view tenders going forward, businesses will be required to re-register their interest by clicking onto the following link Details of local companies will also be made available to any key contractors not based in Lancashire, who will also have their own local procurement requirements.