Crown Paints mixes colours for Turner Prize artists

Crown Paints' colour specialists have been called in to help artists display their Turner Prize-shortlisted work. 

The Darwen-based company is mixing colours for the backdrops of an exhibition in Hull, marking its year as City of Culture.

Curator George Vasey explained how each artist was able to blend their own colour which best highlighted their work.

He said: "A lot of thought has gone into providing the right shades for each of the artist's spaces and the sensitivity of the display and the colours have been very well received.

“Hurvin Anderson chose a very cool grey, with no colour in it at all, just a mix of black and white. He mixed the specific shade he wanted before Crown Paints matched it.

“Andrea Büttner wanted a colour similar to the gallery’s permanent collection but 50 percent lighter, again something Crown Paints were able to deliver. The end result is a beautiful lilac colour, a very intelligent shade, which has so many variations.

“Lubaina Himid’s display is set in the standard art gallery white colour.

“Finally, Rosalind Nashashibi’s terracotta-coloured display was developed to create an intimate space for visitors to feel they could sink into. Rosalind also used Crown Paints to create displays in the entrance area.”

Fellow curator Sacha Craddock added: “Crown Paints has been a great partner on this important project for Hull.

“It was important to have access to a range able to match the shades we required and that we were not going to be limited to just a colour card. We are very pleased with the result.” The Turner Prize, one of the world’s most renowned art prizes, is being presented at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull, with an exhibition of work by this year's shortlisted artists: Hurvin Anderson, Andrea Büttner, Lubaina Himid and Rosalind Nashashibi. It will run from January 17.