Criminal Record Checks now 450% faster

Personnel Checks has recently been selected as one of few Umbrella Bodies in the country to try a new and exclusive Online Basic Disclosure system.

This development means Basic Disclosures can now be completed online, removing the need for paper applications. The application process was significantly delayed as a result of the amount of manual administration previously required and applications used to take around three weeks to be completed.

This week, Personnel Checks has completed its first basic check using the new system and it took just five days which is 450% quicker than before. This makes them one of the fastest umbrella bodies in the country for Basic Disclosures.

The new Online Basic System is a huge breakthrough for all companies in a hurry to recruit, significantly reducing the amount of time the applicant needs to wait before they can begin work.

Moreover, the online system also reduces errors by validating the information as it is entered and applicants can rest assured their data remains confidential in a secure online system. A Basic Disclosure Certificate reveals any unspent convictions on an individuals’ criminal record and the previous paper.