Credit controllers keep the cash flowing

Recruiting credit controllers for more than 18 years, I have come to realise that whatever the company turnover and whatever industry the business is in, a good credit controller is worth their weight in gold.

Tammy Smith AFR Consulting

By Tammy Smith, director, AFR Consulting

A strong and competent credit controller will build excellent working relationships with your customers whilst ensuring the bills are paid on time.

This can be quite a difficult job as they need to be able to build rapport with the customers to ensure payment deadlines are met whilst also keeping the sales team happy.

They can often advise the sales team on any issues with customer satisfaction from the direct feedback they are receiving, whilst also pre-empting any up and coming payment issues by highlighting inconsistent or late payers.

Credit controllers also support the senior finance members with cash flow forecasting and highlighting any problems by running a clean and up to date ledger.

I do feel that businesses often overlook the importance of this role until it is too late.

Good credit controllers tend to take a proactive approach to credit control procedures rather than reactive which always encourages businesses and cash flow to run far smoother.  

When I look for good credit controllers I look for someone who can build rapport, has a methodical approach to their work and understands the importance of their role within a business. Good, solid credit controllers who get the money in whilst keeping the customers happy are, in my opinion, one of the most important roles within any business.