Creativity is a necessity not an option!

It is a well known fact that creativity helps people get into 'the flow' which is the definition, according to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, of human happiness and creativity.

There have been many studies throughout universities in the UK and abroad which prove the connection between creativity and increased productivity and yet ‘the arts’ is often side-lined throughout education and the workplace.

Which I believe is crazy! 

Creativity enables the skills to 'think outside the box', a must in this fast changing world, giving teams the ability to be agile.

It also reduces stress, creating happier teams and less staff attrition.

So how can you encourage creativity within your teams?

The answer is to encourage people to try new skills, whether that's Art, Knitting, Basket Weaving, Pottery - the list is endless! 

I have found bringing these activities into the workplace to do together is incredibly beneficial, especially for those who don't produce a physical 'thing' in their day to day jobs, I spent most of my corporate career in Finance and IT and can absolutely testify to this!

So book or sponsor a workshop – have a go and see what works for your teams!

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