Creativeworld awarded carbon balancing accolade from World Land Trust

Creativeworld has been handed a certificate by NB Colour Print explaining how much carbon the company has offset by using its services.

The two have worked together since 2011, and thanks to NB's introduction of carbon-balanced paper ranges, Creativeworld has been able to offset, through the World Land Trust, the equivalent of 3017kg of carbon dioxide since the turn of the year.

This work will enable the World Land Trust to preserve 253m² of critically threatened tropical forest at WLT carbon balanced paper project sites.

One of NB Colour Print’s key account managers, Iain Bennett, presented the certificate to studio director Michelle Youle.

She said: “We are continually looking for new ways to engage with our clients and bring added value to the core services we offer. The NB Carbon Balancing scheme is one such opportunity to bring extra value to our printing and with no extra cost to our clients. ” “We’d like to congratulate Creativeworld for all their hard work and look forward to working with them to provide even more environmentally friendly print solutions in the future.” Iain Bennett added.