Creating a bootstrapping and start-up culture with Coffee Republic's Sahar Hashemi

A warm welcome back to this ‘caffeine charged’ episode of the Workplace Evolution podcast this time with entrepreneur Sahar Hashemi
After a trip to New York Sahar began her incredible journey of turning a moment of inspiration in to something incredible – the highly successful UK coffee chain Coffee Republic. This didn’t come easy and her journey includes heart break, rejection and triumph.Sahar not only changed how we start our day every morning on our way to work, but she’s also clear that anyone can be an entrepreneur– and that’s good news because as we face huge unknowns many of us will simply have no choice but to become entrepreneurial in our work with the need for greater agility in our job roles, changing customer needs and uncertainty on the resources available.
Business Psychologist Michael Costello explores with Sahar:
  • How you can develop an entrepreneurial mind-set to help bring ideas to reality AND adapt to change
  • Why you would want a start up start-up culture after lockdown to innovate and meet customer needs AND
  • How your self-perception & a comfort zone might be a barrier to fulfilment in you work
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Michael Costello is the Managing Director of Workplace Evolution based in Lancaster, UK