Could your digital project cross borders?

Andrew North from Enterprise Europe North West discusses EU funding opportunities for digital projects.

Andrew North EENWWhile many EU funding programmes designed to drive innovation are focused around technology, identifying financial support for digital-based projects can be more challenging.

The funding is out there however; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look and examining whether your initiative meets the criteria, or can be adapted to do so.

One of the most exciting funding opportunities for digital products and ideas at the moment is Creative Europe’s ‘Cooperation Projects’ scheme. Digital Projects are a new focus for the current round of funding and Cooperation Projects will represent 70 per cent of the funding budget spend.

This presents opportunities for companies or individuals within the digital sector to work collaboratively across EU borders to create digital products or projects with an international reach.

Funding applications are open until 1 October 2014 for projects as diverse as Internet portals and new TV shows and they fall into two distinct categories: ‘small cooperation projects’ involving at least three partner organisations in three different countries and ‘large cooperation projects’, which must involve at least six international partners.

So how can companies in the digital sector develop relationships with those international partners and apply successfully for funding?

It may be that you already have a project under development that could benefit from the specialist skills of a partner or that you could increase its potential by accessing overseas markets: these scenarios are ideal for a collaborative approach. Enterprise Europe North West (EENW) can help companies to identify suitable overseas partners and make contact with them, helping projects get off the ground. EENW can also help companies in the digital industries to maximise the appeal of their application, supporting applicants with advice and information.