Competing in a choice-rich world

The whole world is changing, not just in the big cities, but in the towns and the villages. 

The way we consume media is evolving, our tolerance for pushy salespeople and advertising is dwindling, our lives are becoming more automated, more reliant on a brand ecosystem we carry around with us - more us, less them. 

So, what does this mean for marketing? How are you going to convince a cautious customer to shift their allegiances and move to you? Can you buy success by throwing money into ‘digital’ (whatever that means)?

Well, marketing will certainly expose what you’ve got and who you are to more people, but that’s not enough anymore.

In today’s complex, critical and choice-rich world, the only way to success is to become the undeniable centre of excellence for what you do - making it really easy to do business with you and making the customer come to you. 

By using marketing you can show your wealth of knowledge in your chosen sector to prove that you are the ‘guys that do the thing’, showing off your incredible business, people and happy clients - being better on every level than the rest and proving to the world that you are really the only choice. 

The only way to success is to become the undeniable centre of excellence for what you do

Now, that may sound grand and ambitious, but it's the truth because if you don’t do it, your competitors will. 

Humans are spoilt for choice and are prone to change, therefore if you’re not delivering at every level then they will let you know about it... and so will your accountants.

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